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Saturday, 25 May 2013

joke : Mother nature i think you spring is broken

joke :iam still deciding whether or not i will be productive today. dont rush me

itis is sunday night already. no fair i want a weekend do over.

joke :

its Saturday night  and iam home on face book. dont laugh so are you.

joke : spring is finally here. i think maybe hopefully

soldier friendship with god. soldier dog. dog in helicapter

joke : woo hoo  i can see the weekend from here

fox in the car. fox seeing in mirror. follow the git with red hat

joke : i remember playing  records on a Saturday afternoon

joke : when i was a kid, we didnt have game apps. dowloads or dvds. we had imaginations

joke : wasnt me. i havent seen any crackers. saying rat.

joke : redneck dish washer. dog washing dishes with his toung. funny dog activities, actions.

quote : winning the pooh and tigger too! tiger and beer friendship

quote : i dont exactly have to do lists. i have what you might call " if i eve log off facebook and feel like getting around to doing it " lists.

free jewely ? love free jewelry. enter to win these adorably detailed ow hoop eanings : wool jokes : wool laughing

cat neck. funny cat crazy cat, black cat, blue eyes cat.

similarities between frog and human

my little red dot grewlegs. : white cat, funny and crazy cat

funny and crazy cars and cats : super heros come in many sizes

quote : a simple is the light in you window that tells others that thee is a caring sharing person inside.

quote : i belive in life liberty and the pursuit of caffeine

monalisa in different generations.

funny and crazy monalisa

joke : as soon as you finish putting my diaper on . i will shit. baby jokes ,funny and crazy babies

quote : the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge "imagination"

joke: hellow police i would like to report a stolen tennis ball.

funny and crazy dogs.

joke :  a dogs love is better than any therapy and a lot cheaper too.funny and crazy dogs.

funny and crazy tortoise . tortoise eating strawberry challenge

quote : selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

funny and crazy dogs and rabits. sizes does not matter. we can still be friends.

quote : Hugs the best gift you can give one size fits all and no one winds if you return them.funny and crazy cats.

joke of tiger : what do you mean iam endangered.

friendship between puppy and child. i promise to love you forever and ever.

joke : Doc 2 Patient:The cheque which u gave me has returned back.

Patient 2 Doc:The headache 4 wich u gave me medicine has also returned back

joke :

A recently fired
stock trader said ...

"This is worse than divorce...
I have lost everything
I still have my wife..."

joke :

Father: Your teacher says she

finds itImpossible to teach you

anything!Son:That`s why I say

she`s no good!