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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

funny horse doll , kill me

movie jokes

cat  thinking

cat feelings

baby cat  friendship

crocodile food,

dog, men  playing  video gaming

dongs friendship

cat reading news paper

poul fearing

fish exques me rocks

parrot oh stop you make me blush

  squirrels , do i have something in my teeth

eagle capturing fish. i can show you the world

cat saying that now clean up my mess

bat saying so stop touching me iam the night

cat , dog internal feelings

elephant lion  understanding

he says i can have tow ,dogs friendship with comedy jokes

dog statue comedy

rat kissing

cat manager, i should buy a boat well this sucks

cat arts

cat crying , slow down you are gonna kill us both

rabbit , cant talk now , boss fight. rabit video game

puppy saying that i was cold so i made an igloo

cow , goat 

cancerous  killing, i was told this wrist band

dog saying , so i panicked

bear jokes

this mah sexy face

beer saying i will be out in a moment, i am bearly dressed

  pigeon  inner feeling

three dongs discussion, no matter what it is , we want it

dog in a cloth, saying but it is not this day

poult saying and running, iam not playing  with you any more iam going hom

dog barking, so i panicked

cat in basket, yes the baby is here, i am sitting  on him

cat with laziness,  mike soon regretted the day he swallowed a magnet

i sir,  i am disgusted

cat in a tube. the internet is a series of tubes filled with cats

cat in a bath room, first you must answer my riddles three, if you are right then you may pee.

you are my otter half

cat chef, next it says add catnip, you sure, yep that is what it says

angry bird, i am angry because  i am fat

i wanna a refund, dog with hair on head saying

relationship, friendship, affection  between baby and cat, screaming child

cat with alcohol, cat alcoholic

cat in a steering, anti theft car lock, works quite well akshuly

cat in a blue color thread, you were not there to stop me

cat feeling, am i broken, i am get in  fixed

relations , friendship, between dog and bird. sorry haven't seen your tennis ball

tortoise yer gonna get us killed ,oh my god slow down, tortoise snail friendship

cat doll, okay im pretty sure i lost him

dogs joke, think it would be worth the punishemnt, oh heck yeah

cat in a box, okay now tape up the sides

that was dog, he says hellow

tiger dog friendship, dude you gotta protect me

cat pillo , while you were out

panda human joke

gecko, come on baby dont be like that

tiger mmm tastes like me

cat joke

zeebra and child joke

rats saying iam hit

fox jokes , so youare telling me

whale whale whale

bear saying oh sure , thats a great idea

dog jokes , i fixed it ,

zeebra hen friendship

panda , brek dancing

cat dog relation ship, cat  dog jokes

donkey in a car joke, get in  the van

cat house, you damn kids

cow jokes

dog pillow jokes, pillow popped

bear boxing , i have no idea

dog saying come on guys

big cat joke  dude let me in

dog songs,

wool jokes

cat angry expressions

bear jokes in movie

dog crazy expressions

totoise joke, slow

cat saying get ready to lose your hand

cat joke, i had fun once

cat jokes

whale jokes, dont worry buddy i will get you out

sheep jokes , they still do not know iam a sheep

dog jokes, this is my monday face

rat jokes ,cat jokes  i cant hear you joke

snail jokes

camel  mom joke

octopus for glory

tiger saying that  love you

cat with jokes mini cats

goat asking awesome

some one please jokes