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Thursday, 6 June 2013

face book jokes. jokes on face book.

people still play it video game

gay boys, crayz boys, funny bathrooms.

gucci : beautifull shoes

if he is the right guy he will not leave : quote : heat full words of a girl

when you see your best friend crying : do i need to kill a bitch. quote

funny joke : justing bieber is 18, he has 5 albusm, 1 book over 56 awards and over 18 million fans. what do you have ?

titanic lovers. good lovers , nicelovers, beautifull lovers. great lovers

crazy girls face expressions, crazy girls. funny girls . girls with eee eyes.

tasty ice creams, food products.chocolates

counter on tv adverts : do not try this at home. how am i supposed to have a roller coaster at home ? do i freakin look like phineas and ferb ? : jokes

beautifull legs, chappals,shoes, legs with nail polish. funny and crazy legs

crazy boy, funny boy, boy with girls. joy jokes with girls

dress, lipstick,shoes,hand bag,..etc

quote : with out believing you dreams will never come true


quote :shes a little scared toget close to anyone because every one that said " ill always be here for you" left

difference between young, adult, old people.

beautifull lady in red dress.

when music describes your feelings : girls listening music, and singing.

funny interior, cartoon interior ,

Fat man studying news paper in local train . and sleeping

joker taking in phone. hellow kfc, i will find you and i will kill you.

mummy i love you so much. baby saying i love you to mummy

when someone copies yourr work and gets a higher mark. angry girls face expressions. angry ladies expressions. funn& crazyexpressions, feelings

sleeping girls, laying in bed all day long.

True friends are the ones who could write a whole book for you. good friends quotes. three friends. girls friends.

. iam fine thanks for not asking. a lonely girl feeling. Funn and crazy girls feelings.

good friends, real friends, close friends, girl friends, sexy friends, Funn and crazy friends. i adore my best friend.

this is sparta. Funn and crazy birds. a group of birds. birds feelings.

darwaza bund kar ac chal raha hai

jokes between sister and bother, Funn and crazy brother and sister. feelings of children. do u love ur brother or sister

funny and crazy hair cuts. beautiful ladies hair cuts. Funn and crazy haircuts.

student views about schools. children feelings about schools. children's funn and crazy about schools . school jokes,

Being ignored worst feeling ever

Face expressions, feelings of girls. funny crazy face expressions

IQ test for students, funny& crazy pics,images, quotes,

crying baby, crying lady, crying crazy girls .

some times we are broken and we dont know why. crying girls. girls feeling lonely